Tidy Tim Cleaning Company

Janitorial Service for Local Offices

Tidy Tim Cleaning can take care of janitorial needs for offices. We offer trash and recycling removal, floor cleaning, wiping of hard surfaces, dusting, restroom cleaning, and breakroom cleaning.

We offer office cleaning to fit any schedule, available day or night. Tidy Tim Cleaning will create a scope with the result of cleanliness in mind. No matter what your needs are, Tidy Tim Cleaning can provide a high quality clean with the results you expect.

As a local company, Tidy Tim can easily be contacted if there are any issues. For example, if a trash can was missed during a clean, Tidy Tim Cleaning can send a staff member to fix the issue immediately before any customers or other employees know. A clean office building will create a better working environment. With Tidy Tim Cleaning, there are no worries of walking into the office that looks like a disaster from the night before.

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  • Custom Schedule
  • On Demand Spot Cleaning
  • Custom Scope
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