Tidy Tim Cleaning can take care of janitorial needs for hotels and resorts. Tidy Tim Cleaning can offer commercial cleaning for short term purposes, as short as just a day. This can help hotels if they have a shortened amount of staff or if they have high turnover. 

Tidy Tim Cleaning can offer a full-service housekeeping service to fill all housekeeping positions at the hotel to ensure work gets cleaned before guest check-in. 

Tidy Tim Cleaning can offer deep cleaning or post construction cleaning on hotels and resorts. These cleans are more detailed than the cleaning that the facility may receive normally with their housekeepers. 

Tidy Tim Cleaning offers hotel and resort commercial cleaning to fit any schedule, available day or night! Tidy Tim Cleaning offers a customized janitorial cleaning schedule for each individual hotel to ensure the hotel’s standards and policies are still compliant.

Tidy Tim Cleaning will keep the hotel or resort clean and ready for guest check-in.